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4 Mobile Apps that has brought Technology to Education

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Let’s just say it, we live in a digital world and our lives have completely become digitized. We live eat breathe in the digital world. From awake to till sleep we are continuously on our mobiles, tablets and other digital devices. We have reached a state that we might sleep through the loudest bang, but wake up with the tiniest whimper that our phone makes. Taking this into consideration and realizing that no matter what happens, separating someone with their digital devices is impossible, so why not incorporate it into their daily lives.

Our lives are divided into two clear stages. One is education and the other is work. While our working lives are already heavily dependent on the virtual world, the education part has been slowly evolving to the technological side. From smart class rooms to the various apps – Education has become viable and extremely fun.


Gone are the days of books and blackboards – here comes the power of digital enhanced teaching techniques. Educators have realized the importance of evolving over time; rather than to penalize someone for using their mobiles, why not make it a tool in their learning process. Get students more interested in the subject, connect to them at anytime and give them the knowledge through a medium they best relate to.

While most of the phones and tables are divided into two operating systems – iOS and Android; these are the few apps for the given operating system and also their usage.

Published by New Power and Light, this is an iOS based application. Through this you can do video conferencing, sharing documents and media files. Educators can transform online and distant courses into a real time experience. You can do a synchronized viewing of class videos, documents and other educational material within video conferencing itself. So that students who are far away can interact properly with teachers and the students. They can see, comment and ask questions on the materials and data just like a normal classroom.

Desire2Learn Binder
Published by Desire2Learn, this application can run on both iOS and Android platforms. You can keep all your files and documents at one place. This application uses cloud based storage and makes access to all your documents and course content much easier.  You can add more notes, highlight them, edit them and share them. You can access it from anywhere and at anytime.

Mind Node
Published by IdeasOnCanvas this is a genius app for all those young creative enthusiasts. This app helps you to jot down ideas. This is literarily a mind map; it is arranged so that nothing is forgotten. With the cloud technology, you can access this from anywhere.

Blackboard Mobile Learn
Published by Blackboard, this is an Android and iOS based app. With this is an all-in-one app. If you have make an announcement, assign tasks and manage the progress of it, keep an attendance list of who is in your class and who isn’t and also create a communication enviourment between the teachers and students. You can also upload and share media, assign grades, write blogs and journals and share them.

From learning to responding everything can be done via these incredible apps. You have plenty more apps coming up each day, to make all kinds of work easier. It is no more about sitting in a classroom for 8 hours; this technology has made education smart. You can give lectures, assess reports and tests, give grades, share pointers, save lectures and files etc. all through your digital devices. These prove to be most beneficial to students who are learning through distance learning courses. You could be anywhere and at anytime, access notes and study material is not going to be a problem. Plus the teachers and educators find applications a quicker way to communicate with their students.

TrishaAuthor Bio: Trisha is a professional writer for She is an ardent reader, a traveler and a passionate photographer. She wants to explore the world and write about whatever comes across her way. 

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Do You Think You Need A Loan For Study Abroad

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Worldwide student loans are incredibly sensible for learners who have ended their A-level learning or its corresponding similar to year 12 learning, have what it takes and wish to learn abroad but be short of the monetary sustain to do so.

Additional state money may be a lot stronger than theirs and it might in fact be extra sensible to get their worldwide scholar loan in the state they are choosing to learn. Still if you preparation to shift from US to UK to learn overseas, it may be supplementary suitable to safe your credit in your house state than in UK. Even so, there is immobile the alternative to obtain your worldwide learner loans in UK as there are organizations and companies as long as loans for students studying overseas.

It is significant to note down that the majority loans will most probable necessitate cosigner as one of their main obligation to get their worldwide learner loans accepted. This could perhaps be stiff for populace who do not contain anyone they be acquainted with eager and have the requirement to be their cosigner.

Though, learners are confident to getting in touch with the dissimilar managerial body’s contribution worldwide student loans and query into them concerning what they can perform to meet the criteria as every managerial body may be dissimilar.

By paying attention to our clientele, we are clever to unite deep client knowledge with our brawny technological ability, to help them flourish. It is very important that students get into account the attention speed, whether permanent or diverse, the duration of time for refund and the reimbursement of scrounging such as decrease on interest charge or additional services. as well they will require to believe postponement alternative that are unlock to them which can be not carefully unnoticed by scholars. These can be a number of rough and time overwhelming processes to safe their worldwide student loans.

However getting worldwide student loans established has a lot of major reimbursement. Students will be talented to learn overseas in the state they are capable to get conventional to, and expectantly of their deciding. The main reimbursement are really the enough monetary support for them to follow their additional studies and permit them the occasion to knowledge, study and be grateful for other civilization and way of life to augment their life practice.

A quantity of other instant advantage is to permit them to follow their additional learn earlier to let less hole time flanked by when they come to an end their A-level, year 12 or classes essential for university learning training. International Account wrap up obtainable at different bank permits you to remain follow of your student loans in one consign, with forceful rates on deposit and simple.

Though, in convinced state like UK and Australia, it is ordinary for students to obtain a year off to contain their possess liberty and occasion to acquire additional life knowledge, perhaps through travelling or doing a number of fraction time or complete time labor. This is as well a time where they meet data and information to believe regarding what they akin to perform in the prospect.

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Interweb Learning: Blessing or Curse?

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Many people in my generation cannot begin to imagine how people studied or found out about things before the internet.

Back in the day, the school library was full of real-life books, not another a computer room full of people bowing at the shrine of Wikipedia.

Can’t remember that poet’s quote? Why skim-read over a hundred pages when you can just Google it? Exam coming up? Sparknotes it and you’ll be fine, right?

We are used to immediate answers, continuous access to sources, the ability to ask our friend across the country instantaneously (who understands chemistry a lot better than you.)

But in this digital age, students and learners everywhere often forget the unreliability of the web and commit fatal errors. Wikipedia is not an expert, it can written and edited by anyone.

For a while, David Beckham was described as an 18th century Chinese goalkeeper on Wikipedia. Michael Winner read about his own death in 2007. And the amusing that Simon Cowell owns a parrot called Piers, was well, just made up and put up on the encyclopedia website.

Students have got lazy with the internet, thinking that a copy and paste with a few words changed constitutes an essay.

But it’s not all bad.
Here are some ways in which the internet has enhanced learning:

  1. YouTube tutorials. My brother learned to play the guitar by himself with the help of hundred of guitarists that share their skills online. From tying a tie to 50s style make up, there is a tutorial for everyone.
  2. Interactive learning games. I could not have got through my GCSEs without the “Bitesize” quizzes and games available from the BBC website. People learn in many different ways, and those who favour audio pictorial learning can really thrive online.
  3. Research at your fingertips. Almost half of my research for my dissertation or degree essays came from research papers available on the Internet. Periodicals and newspapers have gone online in many cases and some research information is available exclusively online.
  4. Latest updates. Instead the constant updating of editions of textbooks and reference material, the Internet provides the latest information in a fraction of the time and expense. A simple update of a website can convey all the changes necessary to those using the site for educational purposes. This is especially useful for those studying constantly changing topics such as science or politics.
  5. Communities of skills. Websites such as bring experts and learners together. By combining the most sophisticated online software with the very best teaching talent in the UK, the skills market can help anyone who is willing to learn.
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The Best Tips for Getting Customer Service Course

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Customer service has changed dramatically over the past ten years. Customers expect quick responses that meet their needs and solve their problems. It is not difficult to improve customer service, but an employee must be aware of the necessary steps for improvement. Competition between companies has increased in recent years, so companies look for ways to enhance repeat business and improve customer service.

Companies want to keep their customer base loyal, as customers can be fickle and easily take their business elsewhere. A customer service course may be the perfect answer to training employees, so they know exactly what will please the customer and how to make that positive client connection.

Benefits of Service Courses Improved customer satisfaction scores Excellent service makes the customer feel that a long term relationship is important Enhances the business reputation as customers tell friends about their experiences Noted improvement in staff morale All employees are trained using the same skill set, using the same positive language Employee turnover will be reduced Employees learn how to solve problems for irate customers Business for the company will improve Even the person who answers the phone will benefit the company if they are well-trained, as this may be the first contact by the customer.

Whether an employee works in a customer help department, in sales, orders or in credit and collection, each person will benefit from taking a quality staff service course.

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