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Why Study in Turkey?

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study_in_turkeyTurkey is the World’s 19th biggest economy and a young, dynamic country with a 85 millions of population. Turkey has around 200 universities throughout the country and among those 200 universities 40 of those universities offer programs that are taught in English language. Many of the foreign students from the other countries of the world are very much interested in study in Turkey too.  There are many job opportunities for the tourism management certificate holders in Turkey and also in the many countries in rest of the world. Generally speaking, hotel management courses takes 2 years in Turkey and students who complete the programs are awarded with a certificate; hotel management certificate. Depending on the success level of students; students can find job with the salaries starting from 2000 USD per month to up to 10.000 USD per month. Generally, the salaries get higher during the process. But, right after they complete the programs students would be able to find jobs or paid internships starting from 2,000 USD a month.

For some students, studying in foreign countries, or studying abroad in other terms looks very advantageous, because they know that they will be forced to speak and communicate in English and it will give them an amazing opportunity to develop their English skills. But, some of the students do not know or can not make sure where to study. So, if we answer the question of why study in Turkey? It is because Turkey is a popular country and it offers so much to students who are planning to make a career in hospitality fields, or in hotel management field. The diplomas of Turkish hotel management schools are widely respected worldwide and students would have their chance to find a job not only in Turkey but also in many countries in the world. The language of instruction in Turkish hotel management schools are English in many occasions so students have their chance to improve their English and they will have better understanding and abilities of English. There are also many hotels, hotel chains and also many foreigners who are working in hotel management or general hotel field working and living in Turkey so students will have their chance to communicate with them and their personal network will broaden. Personal network is very important in hospitality business as many managers or other type of high statue people prefer to work with the people whom they already know.

If you would like to learn more about hotel management studies in Turkey, please reach us on our website.

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How To Choose The Best Destination Management Company For Your Singapore Incentive Event

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What Is An Incentive Event?
Taking the word incentive, it refers to a token or something of value used to encourage others to work with value and to go far beyond a specific goal. An incentive event is a program or an activity which highlights the people with excellent contributions. In an event like this, better work with experts. I’ve learned in Singapore that those successful events were backed up by a Destination Management Company (DMC).

See Their Portfolio
How will the abovementioned help you? In Singapore, a Destination Management Company (DMC) is a kind of business that provides services, specializing on conceptualization, organization and implementation of activities in a particular event or activity.  A Destination Management Company (DMC) provides transportation, accommodation, event activities and can bring you to the best places in Singapore, if that suits your planned event.

There aremanyDestination Management Company Singapore (DMCs) I saw in Singapore, and I think this is true to other regions as well. If it’s difficult to conceptualize your incentive event, it’s harder to pick one the right Destination Management Company (DMC) which can organize your event in Singapore exactly how you want it to be. To narrow down your list, three things you need to check: Name, Credibility, and Company´s portfolio. Check their previous events and  you can tell about their creativity in putting up your very own incentive event.

With technology, there are so many ways to check if you’re partnering with the right company. But even if you know they are reliable virtually, it’s still best to meet with them personally and understand how professional they are.

Learn. Connect. Have Fun
To make the most out of your moment, make sure that everything is well planned and prepared. And to have the best experience ever, it’s best to leverage on other people’s expertise to make your company event totally amazing. Don’t hesitate to contact the companies in your locality that can help you out with your corporate event needs the complexity of an inventive or team event is unbelievable and professional suppliers are needed to give you a hand when putting up such an event.

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