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Employment Lawyer in California and San Luis Obispo, Stephen Danz& Associates is an employment attorney for wrongful termination, discrimination and more.

San Luis Obispo Employment Attorney

Stephen Danz& Associates employment law practice fights for employees rights in the workforce. We only represent employees and never employers throughout California including San Luis Obispo County. We are a dedicated staff of 15 attorneys who specialize in wrongful termination claims (also called “wrongful discharge”), have been terminated because you are a whistleblower, discrimination, sexual harassment, age discrimination or retaliation.

While most employees are considered “at will” California laws making it unlawful for employers to fire employees for reasons that are against public policy.
Stephen Danz& Associates represents employees’ in San Luis Obispo County for rights dealing with:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Race discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • Religious discrimination
  • Retaliatory Discharge

Get a Professional Employment Lawyer on Your Side

At will employment can end at any time. Many times our clients mistakenly believe that they have no claims because they are at will (CA Law). You need Stephen Danz& Associated, an experienced San Luis Obispo employment attorney.

We Will Help You Understand Your Rights and Work Together With You.

StephenDanz and Associated will help you understand the details of your claim as an employee, and our office will always have two attorneys per case.

Each of our attorneys will explain the law and communicate with our clients to fully understand the situation and the claim against your employer. As a San Luis Obispo employment attorney, we will work together to determine the best course of action for you, your family, your career and your economic future.

We are California Largest Employee Rights Firm

Our employment lawyers have represented top performing professionals throughout California as the largest employee only representing law firm. We are dedicated in providing our employee clients the best representation possible in order to resolve and litigate through matters when necessary.

Call our San Luis Obispo Employment Attorney today for a FREE case consultation. 1-877-789-9707

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