U.S. SAT Scores: Averages and Statistics

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Since the SAT first debuted in 1926, millions of high school students in the U.S. and around the world have completed the test. The SAT is managed by the College Board and is designed to measure literary and writing skills needed for college. The SAT is one of the most important measures that colleges and universities use to determine admission. The weight and importance of the SAT lead to some schools offering SAT prep courses and other methods of preparation, like individual tutoring.


Over time the format and scale of the SAT has changed, so comparing scores is a bit difficult. Recent score results have shown a drop in several sections of the test, particularly reading. Some researchers attribute this decrease to the fact that more students are taking the exam. While reading and writing scores have dropped in recent years, math scores have remained fairly steady.

One reason that so many more students are taking the SAT is because many school districts have begun offering the test for free and give it during the school day. Since there is normally a fifty dollar fee this is a great resource for low-income students. This also eliminates the process of having to register for a test and get to a testing location, something that can be a legitimate obstacle for students without parental support. While making the test more accessible is generally thought to be a very positive thing, one effect is that all students take the test whether or not they have done any form of SAT prep. The resulting lower scores in reading and writing are not particularly surprising.

Another factor that may contribute to the dip in SAT scores is that more students who do not speak English as a first language are taking the exam. Reflected in the lower reading and writing scores is the fact that often ESL students have frequently not gotten the academic help or attention needed to catch up in these subjects. Recent scores suggest that less students are well-prepared for college. This is a fact that should not only be alarming but also serve as a call to action.

Research has revealed that students who take advanced placement courses in high school, score higher on the SAT. This statistic is not particularly surprising, but it should encourage educators to consider how to create rigorous standards for all students and accommodate students in a manner that helps them reach these standards. Teacher expectations have shown to play a significant role on student achievement and this likely have an affect on students in advanced placement courses to begin with.

Giving students the tools necessary to succeed on the SAT is something that all teachers should take seriously. The SAT is not only a benchmark for the likelihood of an individual student’s success in college, but also an indicator of the U.S. education system at large. Trends in recent years suggest that the nation has plenty of work to do in preparing students to be college ready.

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