Do Students Really Need Headphones In The Classroom?

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While it may come as no surprise that electronics are playing a larger role in both the classroom setting and when completing homework—the need for Common Core headphones may come as a surprise when shopping for your kids annual or quarterly school supply list.

Headphones are most often reserved for listening to music, but as electronic based assignments and tests continue to be developed—Common Core headphones are playing a larger role in the class room setting.
One of the many advantages of electronic based courses and tests, is that they make it easier to provide education that combines the 3 primary learning styles:

Visual—Photos, Graphs, Charts, Videos

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Auditory—Speech, Sound
Kinesthetic—Hands-On, Doing Opposed To Watching Or Listening

Initially computers in a classroom setting primarily allowed for greater visual and kinesthetic learning—and even videos without sound could be added to the education process. However, adding audio to classroom learning has long been challenge because it becomes too distracting when multiple students are playing audio at the same time—which is why more teachers are adding Common Core headphones to their school supply list.

There are many advantages to adding audio to learning and testing, such as increased retention, comprehension, and engagement. What makes Common Core headphones a necessity is that they are essential for many assignments and tests—particularly Common Core tests such as the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) and the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) tests.

With Common Core tests being administered in 45 states across the country, the need for audio listening devices is a growing demand. While many students have earbuds or headphones for personal and entertainment purposes, they often desire a more functional pair that can be left in the classroom.

The Benefit Of Common Core Headphones

While earbuds will do the trick in some cases, they often fall short when it comes to educational needs. Purchasing Common Core headphones for your school, classroom, or students will provide you with some or all of the following benefits.

  • Comfort—While earbuds do the job, they are not comfortable for long periods of time.
  • Adjustable—Common Core headphones are available in many different makes and models, so that they can be adjusted to fit each student’s individual needs.
  • Easy To Clean—Common Core headphones are designed to rest outside of your ear, instead of inside which makes all of their parts easier to clean an sanitize.
  • Longer Cord—When using headphones at school a longer cord is often needed to reach desktop computers whose connection points are not always nearby.
  • Wireless—Not all classrooms are set up with wireless capabilities, but many Common Core headphones are available in wireless makes and models.
  • Dual-Purpose—When schools, teachers, parents, and students invest in classroom headphones—the headphones can be used for personal use too. They can even be purchased with built-in microphones for recording videos, phone calls, and chatting online.

Some teachers and schools provide headphones, but for sanitation and comfort—most students prefer to have their own set that can be left in the classroom, in their locker, or with their school supplies.
While Common Core tests are a primary motivation for purchasing educational headphones—more and more classroom curriculums are adding audio to their general curriculum. Not only that, students are finding more ways to add audio to their school projects.

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