Look For Shared Accommodation

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Look For Shared Accommodation
You have better chances of finding good student accommodation in UK by opting for shared accommodation. When there are many people sharing one house, rent gets reduced. Shared accommodation in UK is normally capped at four people as a higher number requires a special license. This special license may cause the landlord to charge higher rent. Since your rent covers communal areas and not just your room, it is important to get a house with the maximum number of people to ensure you pay minimum rent.

Save Energy
During winter, your electricity and gas utility bills can increase significantly. It is important to preserve energy during this time so as to reduce your expenses.

As you move to a rented house, you are required to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate. This certificate helps you to know how energy efficient the house is.

Stay Flexible
When looking for student accommodation in UK, it is important to remain flexible. Alternate living arrangements can be a cheaper option to renting a new house. Some property management companies have impressive but unusual buildings for rent or short-term lease. Accommodation may range from stately homes to disused office space. Student Accommodation for Sale Find student property for sale. While these types of accommodation are not for everyone, they offer affordable options. Another simple way to find inexpensive student accommodation in UK is to forgo a living room. You can convert the living room of a house into an additional bedroom and get an extra housemate so as to cut down costs.

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