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Employment Lawyer in California and San Luis Obispo, Stephen Danz& Associates is an employment attorney for wrongful termination, discrimination and more.

San Luis Obispo Employment Attorney

Stephen Danz& Associates employment law practice fights for employees rights in the workforce. We only represent employees and never employers throughout California including San Luis Obispo County. We are a dedicated staff of 15 attorneys who specialize in wrongful termination claims (also called “wrongful discharge”), have been terminated because you are a whistleblower, discrimination, sexual harassment, age discrimination or retaliation.

While most employees are considered “at will” California laws making it unlawful for employers to fire employees for reasons that are against public policy.
Stephen Danz& Associates represents employees’ in San Luis Obispo County for rights dealing with:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Race discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • Religious discrimination
  • Retaliatory Discharge

Get a Professional Employment Lawyer on Your Side

At will employment can end at any time. Many times our clients mistakenly believe that they have no claims because they are at will (CA Law). You need Stephen Danz& Associated, an experienced San Luis Obispo employment attorney.

We Will Help You Understand Your Rights and Work Together With You.

StephenDanz and Associated will help you understand the details of your claim as an employee, and our office will always have two attorneys per case.

Each of our attorneys will explain the law and communicate with our clients to fully understand the situation and the claim against your employer. As a San Luis Obispo employment attorney, we will work together to determine the best course of action for you, your family, your career and your economic future.

We are California Largest Employee Rights Firm

Our employment lawyers have represented top performing professionals throughout California as the largest employee only representing law firm. We are dedicated in providing our employee clients the best representation possible in order to resolve and litigate through matters when necessary.

Call our San Luis Obispo Employment Attorney today for a FREE case consultation. 1-877-789-9707

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E-Learning: How It’s Beating The Conventional Learning Methods

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Since the advent of internet, the world has ridden a juggernaut of success and rapid advancement. Every field and aspect of human life has witnessed massive transformations, especially education which is undeniably the most important aspect that enables a society to develop and advance.

Among its many boons, the internet became a medium of education which left the older and conventional methods of learning and teaching far behind. E-learning has become a strong channel which is helping the masses in accessing higher education in various fields. Here are five reasons why it is beating the conventional learning methods.

  1. Wider Reach

The greatest advantage of e-learning is that it can reach a far greater audience than the conventional methods. Being a web-based medium of study, e-learning can reach anyone who has access to the internet. Classroom learning –in no way- can match the wide audience of e-learning as it is not restricted by any limits in terms of learners.

  1. Better Way To Teach

E-learning uses a lot of interactive and audio-visual tools which make learning much more interesting than classroom learning. Apart from arousing interest in the learners, it also makes the activity of learning more effective as these tools enable learners to understand the concepts faster and better.

  1. Less Resources Required

In order to set up a classroom, a lot of financial and other resources are required. On the contrary, an education portal won’t require anything else than technical skills to set it up and a working internet connection. With fewer resources, e-learning can educate a huge number of people than any other method. This also means that it enables people with lower economic background to access education and pursue any field of learning that they are interested in.

  1. 24/7 Accessibility

Another great trait of e-learning is that it can be accessed from anywhere at any time. It is neither restricted by geographical boundaries nor by time limits. One can learn whatever they want to learn at any time from any place. This is something which could not have been dreamt about in conventional methods of learning.

  1. Customised And Unlimited Learning

Along with the possibilities of learning anytime; anywhere, e-learning also provides the possibility of learning anything. Thanks to the internet, a learner can connect to any educational field and get information about it. Another feature of e-learning is that it’s unlimited in all its aspects. You can learn literally everything on a given topic or subject and access various books and educational resources to know more about it.

Recognising its importance, many top universities have established e-learning portals and platforms to give educational access to the masses through the World Wide Web. Universities such as Yale and Harvard have dedicated portals where learners can educate themselves by accessing various study materials. The world has realized the potential of e-learning and is harnessing it on a huge scale to spread education and make it more accessible.

Author Bio:
Jessie Agarwal is a passionate blogger and journalist from India. She writes articles on various topics such as Education, gadgets, travels…etc. As of now she is focusing on Univariety, which provides career counselling for college students. The organization also helps school students in career exploration and planning.

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Why Pre k Education is infecund as well as the best ways to make the most of that

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Should openly sustained, high-quality pre-kindergarten be readily available to all youngsters, or should states “target” pre-k to youngsters at the biggest danger of bad achievement?

Top quality pre-k could not be thought about a deluxe for upper revenue family members or a special program for the disadvantaged. Based on what we now recognize concerning kid’s human brain growth during these important years, pre-k has come to be equally as required as preschool or very first grade.

While targeted programs in some states have actually served at-risk children for greater than a years, specialists think that youngsters looking for the benefits of a high-quality pre-k education in order to do well. Policymakers, company leaders, and very early childhood experts are requiring change, citing the adhering to reasons:


Research study shows that top notch pre-k boosts a kid’s opportunities of doing well in academia and also in life. Kids which participate in top notch programs are less most likely to be held back a grade, much less most likely to need unique education and learning, and most likely to finish from secondary school. They additionally have greater earnings as grownups as well as are much less most likely to become depending on welfare or involved with police.

In several states, today’s preschool is the other day’s first grade. With more “scholastics” being presented in kindergarten, kids need to learn the pre-academic foundations for formal reading prior to they get in kindergarten. In pre-k, youngsters come to be acquainted with publications, brand-new words and also ways to pre-owned language, numbers, and also analytical strategies. They additionally learn the social abilities they have to drive one of the most out of school– how you can focus in lesson and also connect with peers.

Today’s very early youth heating and cooling unit is fragmented and also slipshod, with some children qualifying for more than one program and also various other family members incapable to locate a quality program also if they can manage it. By moneying pre-k for all children, states could raise requirements, call for research-based methods, and also deal father and mothers selections.


Study Abroad at UIC in China

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Studying abroad is something that more students are doing these days.  China is becoming increasing popular as a place of choice due to how its economy has grown rapidly in the last decade. The trouble for students is that China can come as a major culture shock, especially when they are placed in an environment which speaks a language with many tones and also use characters instead of an alphabet.  On the educational side, foreign students might find it difficult to engage in a program that is conducted in Chinese, especially when they have only started learning the language.

United International College (UIC) is a good choice for any potential student hoping to study in China as you get a great balance of West meets East.  The university has been given the name BNU-HKBU United International College as it was co-founded by Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University making it the first full-scale cooperation in higher education between Mainland China and Hong Kong. The university’s charter has been accepted and agreed by the Ministry of Education with complete support from local authorities, while its mission is to build a new model for liberal education in China and to nurture talented future graduates with international prospect and attitude. English is the medium of instruction so as long as you have a good command of the English language, you can full engage with the class, teachers and other students.  All the Chinese students that attend UIC have a great command of English as many hope to go abroad for further education once they have graduated.  The teachers are a mix from many nationalities, with 42.2% of full-time teaching staff members holding doctorate degrees or above a typical bachelor degree takes 4 years once graduated you will be awarded a Bachelor’s Degree by Hong Kong Baptist University in addition to a Graduation Certificate by UIC.

UIC offers many programs under Division of Business and Management, Division of Humanities and Social Sciences and Division of Science and Technology. The academic degrees being offered are a BSocSc Hons, BA Hons, BSWSA Hons, BBA Hons and BSc Hons.  Under the Division of Business and Management, students can study Accounting, Applied Economics, Culture, Creativity and Management, Finance, Management of Human Resources as well as Marketing Management. The Division of Humanities and Social Sciences has a variety of programs including Cinema and Television, Contemporary English Language and Literature, Government and International Relations, International Journalism, English as a Second Language in addition to Public Relations and Advertising. Students can also choose to study Applied Psychology, Statistics, Computer Science and Technology, Environmental Science, Financial Mathematics plus Food Science and Technology under the Division of Science and Technology.

Pollution is seen as one of the main concerns by most visitors to China but as United International College is located in the southern coastal city of Zhuhai, it has really good air quality plus it is right next door to Macau. UIC has about 5000 students and a stunning campus set in a lush green setting making it eye catching as well as encouraging a relaxing atmosphere.  UIC was founded in 2005 but has been making an impact and is preparing to build a whole new cultural village for the students to enjoy. If you are thinking about coming to China to study, then UIC gives you the advantages you need making it the perfect choice.

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