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Studying abroad is something that more students are doing these days.  China is becoming increasing popular as a place of choice due to how its economy has grown rapidly in the last decade. The trouble for students is that China can come as a major culture shock, especially when they are placed in an environment which speaks a language with many tones and also use characters instead of an alphabet.  On the educational side, foreign students might find it difficult to engage in a program that is conducted in Chinese, especially when they have only started learning the language.

United International College (UIC) is a good choice for any potential student hoping to study in China as you get a great balance of West meets East.  The university has been given the name BNU-HKBU United International College as it was co-founded by Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University making it the first full-scale cooperation in higher education between Mainland China and Hong Kong. The university’s charter has been accepted and agreed by the Ministry of Education with complete support from local authorities, while its mission is to build a new model for liberal education in China and to nurture talented future graduates with international prospect and attitude. English is the medium of instruction so as long as you have a good command of the English language, you can full engage with the class, teachers and other students.  All the Chinese students that attend UIC have a great command of English as many hope to go abroad for further education once they have graduated.  The teachers are a mix from many nationalities, with 42.2% of full-time teaching staff members holding doctorate degrees or above a typical bachelor degree takes 4 years once graduated you will be awarded a Bachelor’s Degree by Hong Kong Baptist University in addition to a Graduation Certificate by UIC.

UIC offers many programs under Division of Business and Management, Division of Humanities and Social Sciences and Division of Science and Technology. The academic degrees being offered are a BSocSc Hons, BA Hons, BSWSA Hons, BBA Hons and BSc Hons.  Under the Division of Business and Management, students can study Accounting, Applied Economics, Culture, Creativity and Management, Finance, Management of Human Resources as well as Marketing Management. The Division of Humanities and Social Sciences has a variety of programs including Cinema and Television, Contemporary English Language and Literature, Government and International Relations, International Journalism, English as a Second Language in addition to Public Relations and Advertising. Students can also choose to study Applied Psychology, Statistics, Computer Science and Technology, Environmental Science, Financial Mathematics plus Food Science and Technology under the Division of Science and Technology.

Pollution is seen as one of the main concerns by most visitors to China but as United International College is located in the southern coastal city of Zhuhai, it has really good air quality plus it is right next door to Macau. UIC has about 5000 students and a stunning campus set in a lush green setting making it eye catching as well as encouraging a relaxing atmosphere.  UIC was founded in 2005 but has been making an impact and is preparing to build a whole new cultural village for the students to enjoy. If you are thinking about coming to China to study, then UIC gives you the advantages you need making it the perfect choice.

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