E-Learning: How It’s Beating The Conventional Learning Methods

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Since the advent of internet, the world has ridden a juggernaut of success and rapid advancement. Every field and aspect of human life has witnessed massive transformations, especially education which is undeniably the most important aspect that enables a society to develop and advance.

Among its many boons, the internet became a medium of education which left the older and conventional methods of learning and teaching far behind. E-learning has become a strong channel which is helping the masses in accessing higher education in various fields. Here are five reasons why it is beating the conventional learning methods.

  1. Wider Reach

The greatest advantage of e-learning is that it can reach a far greater audience than the conventional methods. Being a web-based medium of study, e-learning can reach anyone who has access to the internet. Classroom learning –in no way- can match the wide audience of e-learning as it is not restricted by any limits in terms of learners.

  1. Better Way To Teach

E-learning uses a lot of interactive and audio-visual tools which make learning much more interesting than classroom learning. Apart from arousing interest in the learners, it also makes the activity of learning more effective as these tools enable learners to understand the concepts faster and better.

  1. Less Resources Required

In order to set up a classroom, a lot of financial and other resources are required. On the contrary, an education portal won’t require anything else than technical skills to set it up and a working internet connection. With fewer resources, e-learning can educate a huge number of people than any other method. This also means that it enables people with lower economic background to access education and pursue any field of learning that they are interested in.

  1. 24/7 Accessibility

Another great trait of e-learning is that it can be accessed from anywhere at any time. It is neither restricted by geographical boundaries nor by time limits. One can learn whatever they want to learn at any time from any place. This is something which could not have been dreamt about in conventional methods of learning.

  1. Customised And Unlimited Learning

Along with the possibilities of learning anytime; anywhere, e-learning also provides the possibility of learning anything. Thanks to the internet, a learner can connect to any educational field and get information about it. Another feature of e-learning is that it’s unlimited in all its aspects. You can learn literally everything on a given topic or subject and access various books and educational resources to know more about it.

Recognising its importance, many top universities have established e-learning portals and platforms to give educational access to the masses through the World Wide Web. Universities such as Yale and Harvard have dedicated portals where learners can educate themselves by accessing various study materials. The world has realized the potential of e-learning and is harnessing it on a huge scale to spread education and make it more accessible.

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5 Reasons to Pursue an Online MBA Course

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IF you are thinking of getting an MBA degree and are confused about which course and college to pick, then you should also add to your shortlisted list, the option of getting an online degree for your Master’s in Business Administration. There are a number of advantages that an Online MBA course brings to you. Read the following article to know more about getting an online MBA and five reasons why you should choose it.


Before we get into the reasons of pursuing an online MBA degree, first let us understand the importance of this degree in today’s world. To get into a managerial position in any corporate, a MBA degree is a must. MBA not only widens your career choice, but also adds to the monetary income, gives you a new skill set and help you build a strong business network. So in order to get a holistic approach over the business world, it is necessary to get a MBA degree.

Since you have decided to take the next step forward for your career, it is important to choose the best format for yourself; weather on-campus full time courses, part-time programs or weekend courses best suitable for working professionals. But if none of these suit you, then there is also the option of getting an online MBA degree.

#1 Online MBA Courses Offer a Unique Learning Experience
With a unique learning experience, you can also get the opportunity to tailor your course according to your personal preference, goals or schedules. The online MBA course do not require you to relocate from your home city. In addition to that you can study this course from anywhere around the world. This is definitely not possible in any of the formats but getting an online degree.

#2 Take a Step Forward: Choose from accredited online MBA course
As most of will hesitate a little in choosing an online course, the scenario is different. Contrary to the belief, online MBA is just not some other degree that every college or university offer. There are a number of accredited online MBA programs that you should choose from.

In a span of time, the top business schools from round the world will offer online MBA programs.

The major positive point about the online course is that the curriculum that one studies in a regular course.

#3 A balanced work and education life
What is better than paying for your own master’s program?An online degree lets you study and work at the same time whereas a regular course will want you to give up work. There have been known cases of people pursuing an online degree program from one country while working in some other country.

If not working, you can complete the course while travelling, learning music, learning dance or any other hobby that you wish to study. An online MBA gives you freedom of doing everything in your life that you might not be able to do in a regular course.

#4 Cost-Effective MBA Degree
If compared, an online degree will cost you less than what a regular degree would cost you. With the same curriculum and independence to do everything, an online degree makes more sense. Why is that? It is because a regular MBA course would require an infrastructure, a teaching faculty, a library and other basic things that classroom courses will require. Also, it saves your transportation costs and many other expenditures that you may occur when you are enrolled for a regular course.

#5 Enhance your Working Opportunities
A MBA degree sure adds to your career a positivity and if you are working and getting a MBA degree, then for sure you are going to reach heights. There are researches that show after an online MBA degree, you have the chances of getting a better salary package as you have enhanced your capabilities and added a skill set to your resume.

Online MBA is for the ones who would rather not leave their jobs to attend a full time MBA. It not only teaches you the syllabus but also makes you familiar with the advanced technological needs that are required in order to complete this course.

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Akansha Arora is a professional writer and blogger who loves to pen down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. She writes keeping in mind the current scenarios and wishes to keep her readers well informed.


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UCLA: How to Get In.

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For many students, getting into the University of California, Los Angeles is a lifelong dream. Unfortunately, UCLA receives more than 70,000 applications each year. Only a select few will make it through to the admittance stage, making the process extremely selective. The school generally accepts one-fifth of the students who apply for admission.

So How Can I Get Into UCLA?
When it comes to academic achievement, the admissions officers will delve into the full high school curriculum to ensure that it is well rounded. The board pays more attention to courses that are not required, particularly Honors and Advanced Placement courses. A student’s grade point average is one defining factor that the university will look at as well, with the majority of students receiving a 3.6 GPA or higher. The minimum requirement is 3.0 for California residents and 3.4 for those who reside in other states.

Standardized test scores are also important to the UCLA admissions process. UCLA asks students to submit either ACT or SAT scores in addition to any Advanced Placement scores. There is no minimum score for admittance, but the score is considered along with other academic achievements. Most UCLA students score higher than 1700 on the SAT and a 24 composite on the ACT. Students seeking admittance to UCLA make up for a large percentage of the students we see visiting Los Angeles SAT prep providers and private tutors.

Extracurricular achievements are important to the culture of UCLA. While it is more important to have high academic achievements and test scores, the university will also look for community service, sports and club memberships. The university wants to ensure that all eligible candidates demonstrate that they are tenacious, curious, and willing to help the communities from which they come. Students with strong personal qualities including leadership and initiative are in high demand. The school also wants to ensure that students will contribute to the school’s culture.

Students who plan to transfer to UCLA from a different college have additional requirements. Students must have junior standing at their current university as well as a grade point average of 3.2 or higher. The student must also demonstrate progress toward a degree program. Potential candidates will have at least two English courses, one math course and four courses in two additional fields. Additional requirements may apply to students based on their intended major.

All students are required to submit a personal statement with the application. They will discuss employment, responsibilities, and community involvement. Ultimately, the university hopes to admit the world’s future leaders, people who will help pave the way for further greatness. Students who are well-rounded, who know themselves and what they are after are typically the ones who find themselves walking the halls of UCLA, rather than those who merely seek SAT tutoring after 3 or 4 years of wasting time.

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Advice on Choosing the Best Subject for Your Degree

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University and college degrees are important to be able to get ahead in the world. They last between two and four years, depending on the type of degree you choose to gain and the college you attend. You will need to enjoy your subject to be able to do well, instead of focusing purely on the area of work. Here is some advice on choosing the best subject for your future.

Find Something that You Are Good At
Passing your degree well is important and the best way of doing that is to find something that you are already good at. While it doesn’t mean you can put in less effort, it will mean that learning the material is much easier so you can concentrate on increasing your grades. Take the time to think about the subjects that you already excel in and find degrees that offer the ability to advance on those.

Find Something You Enjoy
As well as being good at something, you need to enjoy it. By enjoying your studies, you will want to work harder and keep doing well. You will care more about the outcome and the type of work that you will do in the future. There is no need to worry about feeling like you are stuck in a career that you hate because you will already have the passion for the subject.

This can be difficult. Something that you think you enjoy now, you may hate as you learn more about it. Do some research into the different courses and learn about the subjects that you will be studying. This will help you find something that you will be passionate about for the whole time you are at college or university.

Find Something You Can Expand On
The best way to remain out of a dead-end career is to find a subject that is easy to expand on. This may involve taking more courses or looking for other courses that work well with it. Expanding on a subject will also help avoid problems if the area that you are interested in becomes too full or starts suffering economically.

It Is Also About the Institution
It is not just about the subject. You will also need to find a college or university that offers a social life and material that you will enjoy. While the colleges may teach the same subjects, they will do it in different ways, including different side subjects and offer different types of social activities. These are important to research to make sure that your personality fits in with the specific institution.

There is no shame in admitting that what you thought your dream college was isn’t actually somewhere that will work for you. This is a mature decision that will help you do well at the school in the end. Visit the various institutions and contact the administration staff to find out more about each school to help make your decision. If you can, find out about the social activities while visiting and how other students enjoy the school.

Choosing a subject that is right for you is important. This will help you do well and find a career that you will enjoy. It is not just about finding something that suits the type of lifestyle you want; you need to find a subject that you will enjoy, you are good at and at a college that teaches in a way that suits your needs.

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This guest post was written by Keizin, a real estate agent. As well as helping people buy and sell homes, she offers advice to those looking at gaining their real estate licence NY and deciding whether this is a career right for them.

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